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Canada’s Top 10 Jobs

Canada¡¯s most wanted professions range from diverse sectors of the labor market from the dizzy world of high finance to the challenges of catering and retail management. Opportunities in the business areas listed below are abundant and pay is often way above the national average. The fact that shortages exist in these fields means that despite these uncertain times, you can experience a higher degree of job stability.

1. Financial Manager
Experience in finance, investment and the money markets is an added benefit as the demand for Financial Managers continues to increase at a rapid pace. The sky is the limit for any financial expert who can speak a foreign language as the world of international finance is also struggling to find suitably qualified people. Unemployment rates in this sector are half that of the Canadian national average.

2. Registered Nurse
Yet again the expanding aging population in Canada means that there is an increase in demand for qualified registered nurses. There are plenty of opportunities to break into this field through training program and salaries are substantially better than trained nurses receive in other countries.

3. Time-Served, Qualified Trades People
It¡®s not just white collar jobs that are readily available in Canada. There are plenty of jobs in hospitality, catering, construction, transport and manufacturing that pay well above the national average salary. The most sought after personnel are qualified chefs, horticulturalists, carpenters, electricians, plumbers, aviation and automotive service technicians and from the realms of manufacturing, industrial mechanics, tool and die makers. These sectors are all set to grow by up to 40% over the next 20 years. Apprenticeships are also available to residents and landed immigrants.

4.  IT Systems Managers
Salaries in IT are double the national average and are still rising despite the economic downturn. Personal as well as business reliance on IT services will continue to grow as our lives become more dependent on technology, which will lead to more jobs and training courses to meet the demand. The plum jobs require a university degree in computer sciences and experience as a programmer.

5. Pharmacists
Canada¡¯s aging population has swelled the demand for medical staff but in particular pharmacists to cope with the growing number of prescriptions. Many qualified landed immigrants have gravitated towards this field helping to fill some of the gap between the supply of pharmacists and the overwhelming demand. Most pharmacists tend to be self-employed and own their own business. To work in this industry in Canada you have to go to one of the Canadian university pharmacy schools as well as holding a formal qualification form your home country.

6. Dentists and Dental Hygienists
The demand for qualified dentists is high partly due to the fact that training to become a dentist involves three years of university training plus four to five years attending dentistry school. At a lower pay scale, but still in demand are dental hygienists. Would-be hygienists can study for a dental hygiene diploma over 16 months to two years. Those who want to reach the pinnacle of dental hygiene should opt for a degree course at the state universities in either Alberta or British Columbia. Jobs in all spheres of dentistry are set to grow as the population ages and the media fuels the desire for cosmetic dentistry.

7. Human Resource Manager
More employers, particularly those blue chip companies who place a high value on recruitment and retention, training and employee relations are recruiting their own HR personnel to nanny their workforces.  In this field there is by far more jobs than applicants, but you will need to have relevant qualifications and a proven track record to secure one.

8. University Professors
Increased government spending on higher education and research has created more jobs for those with the cr¨¨me de la cr¨¨me of academic qualifications. Many existing university professors are set to retire in the near future creating space for fresh academic blood with salaries to match the shortages.

9. Teachers
There are more job openings for teachers who can work in colleges or vocational schools than there are applicants. Part of this boom has been caused by the increase in jobs in specific trade areas. Salaries vary by province and range from $30,000 per annum to $83,000 for those with four years proven teaching experience.

10. Retail Managers
The Canadian¡¯s love of shopping has lead to an increase in the number of retail outlets in every town and city and despite the global financial crisis, consumer spending is still on the up. Finding jobs in this sector is relatively easy and you don¡¯t have to have a briefcase full of qualifications. Salaries are only slightly above the national average but most managers and their employees get generous staff discounts and flexible work hours.

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